摘要: CAAM-CDT 2016年秋季招生开始。让孩子迈出美丽人生的第一步!

The Significant first Step into a life in Chinese Dance

CAAM-CDT 2016年秋季新学期将于9月初,在St.Paul本部和Richfield分部同时开课,招收3岁以上各年龄段中国舞专业学生。


CAAM-CDT's fall semester starts the beginning of September at both St. Paul and Richfield locations! Students 3 years and older with an interest in Chinese dance are encouraged to attend. Age 3 - 5 is a critical period to cultivate children's interests, including develop a passion for dance and a solid base for later training.


        After several years, these kids will look really great on the stage. Parents can’t help but be happy and pleased. 


By age 7-8 years these dancers will focus on solid training for a life time as they become more proficient in dance basic skills. Not babies anymore they've acquiring the skills to become even professional dancers, giving them the confidence to joyfully dance on stage looking absolutely adorable. 


As time goes, our children become better and better at dance. By 9 or 10, dance may be become an integral part of their lives. Look how beautiful they are, we can't help sensing the grace and strength intheir movements.  


Even ten year old dancers become more and more proficient, having a certain star quality about them. Every time they dance onthe stage, we just can't forget them!


Most importantly, the longer they emerge themselves in Chinese dance, their understanding of Chinese culture becomes deeper and deeper.


As a result these dancers have more and more opportunities to perform at recitals, main stage productions, festivals, fairs and other outreaches. They become ambassadors of Chinese culture through the universal language of dance.


As they enter adolescence their understanding of dance deepens and their skills broaden. They exhibit, understand and promote abeautiful world of dance. 


        Whether classic, traditional dance or modern dance, after more than 10 years of Chinese dance training, performers transform themselves in each dance demonstrating beauty and passion in their young adulthood. 

拥有天赋是远远不够的,舞者必须要努力和坚持。中国舞要从娃娃抓起, 循序渐进,踏踏实实,一步一个脚印,才能充分挖掘个体的潜质,让思想更睿智,性格更阳光,生命更精彩!

Having talent is not enough for dancers though, hardwork and persistence are also important values to learn for life.  Starting Chinese dance training at a young age, using concrete step by step proven methods, will bring out the potential ofeach child, cultivate their curiosity, resulting in a more meaningful life.   


Give your child a chance to pursue their dreams! With CAAM CDT as their guide, each child can experience this significant firststep into a life in Chinese dance.

CAAM-CDT website:caamcdt.org


Phone:(612)321-6315, (651)774-0806

Saint Paul:800 Transfer Road, Suite 8,Saint Paul, MN 55114


Time for new students: Friday 5:30 -7:00pm

Richfield division:6704 Penn AvenueSouth, Richfield, MN 55423


Time for new students: Tuesday 5:30 -7:00pm


New students can choose the nearestlocation.


Classes for students in other ages (including adults), please visit CAAM-CDT official website.


There are two ways to join CAAM-CDT new students recruiting WeChat group: (1) Scan the QR code, enter “CAAM-CDT new student counseling" and reach out to instructor Li Ying.

(2)点击下面Read more,在打开的页面长按并扫描二维码,可加入CAAM-CDT招生咨询微信群;也可登录后填写表格。

(2) Click the Read more tab below, then scan the QR code at the opened page, then you will be able to join CAAM-CDT new student counseling WeChat group; you can also fill out the paper work after you logged in.